Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening

Hydrogen Peroxide is a potent and extremely effective gel based substance used in many popular at home teeth whitening kits and by dental cosmeticians. As a tenuous acid, it has a strong makeup of oxidizing attributes. It’s use as a bleaching agent helps refine discolored teeth, giving each tooth a white glaze and a brilliantly vibrant shine if used properly. Dental practitioners provide whitening sessions with hydrogen peroxide since it is a powerful substance, which can cause a tremendous amount of pain if it comes into contact with other tissue besides the teeth. However, there are select teeth whitening kits that provide consumers with the necessary tools to effectively apply hydrogen peroxide gel in a safe and effective manner.

Typically, a 3% concentration is a normal amount of hydrogen peroxide used in main stream bleaching kits, while premium kits use between 6% - 9% concentrations. The more the concentration levels increase, results appear more rapidly. Along with this though, come many potential side-effects if used inappropriately.

Say for example you receive four syringes filled with 3% peroxide and four filled with 6%. Naturally, the 6% will produce faster results, while the 3% concentration will require more whitening sessions since it contains a weaker base. Basically what this means is that you don’t need to use more gel to produce faster results, but a stronger concentration. People encounter detrimental effects from using to much gel, thinking it will make their teeth whiter. Typically, most people will want the fastest results possible, which gives 6% whitening kits more priority. it is best to use a higher grade peroxide instead of larger quantities of gel.

Keep in mind, it is important not to over use hydrogen peroxide gel. Common side effects include irritated gums, white spots, or tooth sensitivity. Even though these secondary effects are temporary, it is best to avoid them at all costs.

Clinical studies and independent research have shown that there are no long-term negative effects from using hydrogen peroxide. This is one of the primary reasons why many people choose to whiten their teeth at home since there is room for minor errors. If you feel you have damaged your teeth though, please consult an expert.

Also hydrogen peroxide is a fast acting bleach that must be used in proportion to how many stain producing beverages and meals you consume. If you tend to drink coffee or wine every day, then you may have to bleach your teeth often. In order to maintain a white smile, a tooth shade guide is a handy reference to document the shade you would like your teeth to be. After your smile fades, you can use a shade guide to determine when your next whitening session should be.

It is convenient to use an at home teeth whitening kit since you can whiten at your own pace instead of having to visit a dentist. Not only does this save a considerably large portion of money and time, but your teeth will stay their whitest. If you desire fast results that are equivalent to a professional in-office dental procedure, then a hydrogen peroxide based whitening kit is an option you should definitely consider. Read about teeth whitening reviews here.