NovaWhite - SuperNova Whitening Kit

Are you ready to increase the brightness of your smile and re-define your teeth's faded color!? Then you are in luck, because NovaWhite can provide these results and more! NovaWhite is a provider of teeth whitening products and kits, that not only improve your smile, but also enlighten your persona with a new sense of self-confidence and dramatically enhance your appearance. They offer products that use the exact same process dentist use to cure their patients discolored smiles. Since this is a gel / water based solution, NovaWhite's SuperNova Whitening kit is efficient, safe, and easy to use. Plus no dentist visits required or costly bills.

The SuperNova Kit is a complete package, which includes all the essential and fundamental components of an at home teeth whitening kit (tray-based bleaching) easy to use instructions, with the assistance of NovaWhite's support for any questioning. You can speak with an actual dentist regarding any questions about their products or procedure. We had an enlightening conversation with a representative about certain details we could not find on their web site. Our inquires were answered in a timely manner and we mad ensure they were sufficient enough to help any consumer with a question or concern.

From our initial inspection of the Supernova whitening kit, it does have similar qualities that many of the other best tray based bleaching kits feature, which is a good indication. Though this kit does lack small benefits, such as the use of plastic-tipped injectors for the gel filled syringes, which lets a small portion of gel go to waste. These are only minor dilemmas, which is the reason this kit received our number 5 ranking. Read the full assessment below for further details...

NovaWhite- SuperNova Whitening Kit

This program is a great starter kit for first time users compared to more effective, but sometimes complex teeth whitening solutions. Everything you need in a teeth whitening kit is featured in this package, plus other beneficial resources. It was indicated a refund is not attainable and some customers had problems contacting support, two things you may want to consider. Overall, great system for initial bleaching. Learn More! or Buy Now!

About the SuperNova Teeth Whitening Kit

Contains: Professional Custom-Made Bleaching Trays created with 2 Plastic Impression Trays and the included Sets ( 2 Sets) of Base/Catalyst Vinyl PolySiloxane Impression Putty, 6, 1 mL Syringes, 2 Putty Spatulas, 2 Gel Applicator Tips, 1 Tray Retainer Case, 3-way Shipping Envelopes, Step-By-Step Instructions

Active Ingredient: 22% or 35% Carbamide Peroxide

Results: In as little as two whitening sessions and maximum results for moderately stained teeth in two 2 weeks!

Benefits Include...

  • Professional Custom Bleaching Trays
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Lifetime Customer Support from Qualified Agents
  • Exclusive 60% Discounts off Lifetime Maintenance Gel
  • Controlled Whitening Results, Under the Convenience of your Supervision
  • Consistent Results Every Whitening Session
  • Consumer Preferred Gel

Disadvantages Include...

  • Representative informed us their is no refund!
  • Potential irritation or painful sensations induced on the gum lining or teeth (Common for a bleach based treatment) This usually happens if you are hypersensitive, lacking quality oral hygiene or misuse the gel.

Consumer Feedback and Product Effectiveness

In general, the SuperNova kit received positive feedback, though the complaints we did notice were aimed at the support of NovaWhite as a company. We feel empathetic for the individuals who encountered this problem, but we called support, left a message and were contacted within 20 min's with an actual dentist! We were impressed! We cannot account for the reason in which they didn't answer, but we can confirm they are available during normal business hours. Since this kit uses a strong peroxide based gel, the efficacy factor is very present, along with quick results and the convenience of whitening in your home. Overall, we feel this kit recieved relatively good feedback and ratings.